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Op deze site kunt u leren hoe u zelf een tuin kunt aanleggen. 
Allereerst willen wij u veel succes wensen, met het maken c.q veranderen van uw tuin. 
Deze site is bedoeld om de mensen gratis wegwijs te maken wat betreft het aanleggen van een tuin.
En niet alleen grote en dure tuinen maar ook kleine tuinen.
We hebben het over het bestraten van tuinen, waaronder grote en kleine tegels, coble-stones, trommel stenen, enz enz.
We gaan ook een schutting plaatsen.
Plaatsen van graszoden.
Plaatsen van water elementen.
Vijvers maken.
Maken van een vlonder enz, enz.
Wat u wel moet weten is dat het maken van een tuin zwaar werk kan zijn. 
Begin er alleen aan als u hier gezond genoeg voor bent. 
De medewerkers van siertuinen zijn vrijwilligers, en willen graag via deze site hun hulp aanbieden. 
Allen zijn werkzaam bij bedrijven die gespecialiseerd zijn in het aanleggen en onderhouden van tuinen. 
Deze site wordt geregeld ververst en uitgebreid. 


Om makkelijker en sneller hier weer terug te komen kunt u door

hier te klikken deze site opslaan bij favorieten.

Als u uw tuin toch liever professioneel wilt laten aanleggen, kunt u het 
beste van meerdere hoveniers uit uw regio een
Gratis offerte opvragen.

U kunt dit doen door één formulier in te vullen.
U krijgt dan 
Gratis vrijblijvende offertes van meerdere hoveniers bij u in de regio.

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Choosing the Right Mower for your Ornamental Garden

An ornamental garden is not complete without a green lawn. In order for you to maintain a greener grass-plot, you require a lawn mower. It is essential for you to have one since it is one of the most important tools in the garden.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower. First, you need to find a mower that fits your garden’s grass and size. Starting from there, you can identify the type of lawn mower best for your garden.


A cylinder lawn mower is used for flat grass-plots. Use it especially if you want to have a well-trimmed lawn. It uses multiple cylindrical blades which vertically rotate and cut in a fixed pattern.


A rotary lawn mower is the most commonly used by gardeners because it suits most types of grasses. It has a blade which horizontally rotates under the mower.


If you have irregular or unusual-shaped lawns, then a hover lawn mower suits you. It hovers above the lawn, thus mowing jagged surfaces easily.


When choosing the right mower, its power source is also important. Here are the different lawn mower power source options you can choose from:


This is a small cylinder lawn mower used for small gardens. It doesn't use electricity. You can just simply push it for it to work. Using this mower in large gardens may not be advisable.


Most lawn mowers are mainly powered by electricity. These are cheaper and fit to be used in small and/or medium gardens. Just be careful to check whether or not the cable is long enough to reach the ends of your garden.


A cordless mower is a battery-operated lawn mower which is hassle-free. However, this may be more expensive than electric mowers.


This type of lawn mower is best for larger gardens. Although this may be the most expensive among all the other types of mowers, it is more powerful. Also, it cuts grasses faster.

Make sure you read all the online zero turn lawn mower reviews. Your choice will determine how successful you will be in maintaining your lawn and your garden.

The Best Ornamental Garden Chairs

Who does not want to relax by the garden, admiring the nice view and sipping a cold drink? However, to actually do so, you need a reliable chair. Here are the top options in the market.

Outdoor Recliners

Outdoor recliners are the best option for sitting back and relaxing in your garden. It supports the back quite well, and allows you to have that best position. So whether you are getting a tan or simply wanting to get a breath of fresh air, you can trust on recliners to give you the back support you need.

Swing and Hammock Chairs

If you want to just simply relax or take a nap, a swing or hammock chair is best for you. You can hang it on your front porch and have a sound sleep while enjoying the warm or cold breeze. If you don’t feel like sleeping, then you can unhang it and set up two chairs in your garden to share with a friend and have a cup of coffee.

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

An outdoor lounge chair is the best for a warm weather. This type of chair will help you achieve a comfortable backyard seating. Whether you want to start your day right, enjoying the sun’s view or you just want to wind down and witness the sunset, lounge chairs will not fail you. You can also share the great moment with your friends and family.

Patio Dining Chairs

Instead of just having meals on a regular dining table inside your house, you can try setting dining chairs outdoors. Spending breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your loved ones is more fun when done outside. You will have a different kind of view to enjoy in your garden while having a sumptuous meal.

Whatever type of garden chair you like, investing in good quality is the most important thing. Other factors to consider are the chair’s size and materials. Make sure that your money will be worth it.

Installing a Gun Safe in the Security Guards Office

If you manage a big company or live in a big home, getting a security guard to secure the area might be necessary. We all know that security guards use weapons as part of their job. However, what they do and where they put their weapons after usage is a concern you should actively address. This is where a gun safe comes into place. It is needed so these weapons are stored properly. Here are some important things you need to know about installing a gun safe on the security guard’s office:

Choosing a location

Remember to place the gun safe somewhere convenient. Finding a gun safe in a good price range is not an easy process. It needs to be safe from burglars, easy for the guards to access.

Moving the gun safe

Even if you’ve found the right location for the gun safe, it is useless when you cannot get the gun safe there. If the gun safe weights 500lbs or more, consider hiring a professional for installation. In installing a gun safe, you need to at least have two strong people for this. This way, you will prevent any damages to the safe.

Preparing the area

Measuring the area where you will put the gun safe beforehand is really important. Prepare all the materials you need for the installation such as dolly wheels to support the entire load. Also, inspect the flooring of the guard house to ensure that it is capable of holding the gun safe.

Testing the locks

Before bolting the gun safe, you need to level it because the lock and bolt may not work properly. As a result, it may be hard for you to open the gun safe in times of need. You can then bolt down all four corners of the gun safe. It is best to use ½” bolts or larger to make it more secure.